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Solar 7 specialises in the supply, installation and support of Solar Thermal hot water systems and energy efficient heating / cooling systems which utilise Heat Pump technology. We have considerable knowledge and experience in design to application of Solar Thermal and Heat Pump products and we absolutely guarantee the reliability and safety of all our installations.

We offer the very latest products and have considerable expertise in the different types of Solar Thermal hot water systems, Air Source and Ground Source Heat pumps. We can harvest solar energy to reduce your water heating costs by up to 70% over the course of a year, and we have renewable energy solutions to suit most types of heating requirements.

The Real Benefits:- Solar and Heat Pump technology offer a real and useful alternative to convential energy sources which have often been created with the use of fossil fuels. Recent technological advances mean that installion of sustainable systems is now more cost effective than ever before and can provide "Free Energy" for decades without adverse effects on our environment and sharp increases in your energy bills.

Our aim is simple- We offer a wide range of energy efficient heating and cooling products, and through our experience and technical knowledge we are able to install these in a wide range of applications